Ergonode Shopify App
Installation and configuration guide - version 1.0.1
General assumptions
Ergonode Shopify app works only with the cloud version of the Ergonode system. It uses the API to establish connections between platforms.
Step 1: Prepare your Shopify
Create custom app In your Shopify go to Settings in the Side menu.
Then click on Apps and sales channels.
Click on Develop apps
and Create an app
Choose App name (it can be anything),App developer (if needed) and click Create app when you are done.
Configure your custom app
Click on Configure Admin API scopes
Now you need to set up access scope. Please check those boxes.
write_product_listings, read_product_listings, write_files, read_files, write_products, read_products, write_translations, read_translations
Click Save when you are done.
Now you need to set up API credentials.
Write down API key and secret key, you gonna need them later. Click on Install app.
Confirm your choice by clicking Install.
Click on reveal token once. Keep in mind that you can only do it once. If you for some reason lose it, you gonna need to repeat the whole process.
Step 2: Ergonode connection
When you’re done in Shopify, go to Ergonode
Install an app
Go to Apps on the side menu and click +INSTALL on Shopify app.
The first thing to do now is to set the app name. You can leave the default one, or change it to your liking.
You also must choose Segment that will be used with this app. Segments allow you to restrict products that are gonna be synchronized via app.
Next step is to actually configure the connection between Shopify and Ergonode. This needs to be done in the Configuration tab.
Fill in all fields and click NEXT STEP. If you succeed, you're gonna see confirmation pop up.
Second step is to choose a language that you will use to map attributes, currency and weight unit.
Click NEXT STEP when you’re done.
Third step is to actually map attributes. Click MAP ATTRIBUTES.
If attributes names and types match in Ergonode and Shopify, they will be mapped automatically.
Do not worry about that red sign that says Not all attributes have been mapped, It only means that we need to do this now.
Map attributes simply by dragging them from left (Imported attributes) to right (Imported attributes). You can only map attributes of the same type, ex: text to text. Click SAVE MAPPING when you are done.
If needed, the scheduler can be set in the Scheduler tab. Click Enable scheduler.
and set up Start date, Start time and Recurrence time.
The last tab is History. Here you will find basic info about what and when was going on.
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