Ergonode Baselinker App
Installation and configuration guide - version 1.0.1
Ergonode Baselinker App works only with the cloud version of Ergonode. To provide cross-platform connectivity, an API is used.
Step 1: Baselinker - Get your authorization token
In Baselinker, go to your profile and then to My Account.
Then select the API option from the top bar.
You will need the generated API token to connect to Ergonode.
Step 2: Ergonode - Configure the application
In the Ergonode side panel, click Apps.
Select the Baselinker application and click + INSTALL.
Enter your application name or stay with the default one. Select the segment from which you will synchronize systems. Segments allow you to limit the products that will transfer within the integration.
When you are ready, press SAVE CHANGES.
Navigate to the Configuration tab.
Paste the authorization token from Baselinker and click NEXT STEP.
Now you need to select the Catalog (Inventory), the language and the metric of the units where the attribute mapping will take place in the next step.
When you are ready press NEXT STEP.
The last step is to map the attributes.
If the attributes in Ergonode and Baselinker are named the same, the system will try to map them automatically. Otherwise, you have to do it manually. Click MAP ATTRIBUTES to get started.
Mapping involves dragging and dropping attributes from the left Ergonode Attributes column to the right Ergonode Attributes column.
It is possible to ONLY map attributes of the same type e.g.; textual.
When you are ready, press SAVE MAPPING and then SAVE CONFIGURATION.
It is possible to set a schedule for automatic synchronization between systems.
To do this, go to Scheduler in the top bar.
Click Enable Scheduler.
In the Start Date and Start Time fields, set the appropriate parameters. This is the point at which you want the automatic synchronization to start executing.
In the Hours and Minutes fields, set how often you want the synchronization to be performed once it is automatic. When you are ready, press SAVE CHANGES.
You can perform a manual synchronization at any time by clicking SYNC NOW in the upper right corner.
It is possible to check the execution of synchronization, to do this go to History in the top bar.
  • Baselinker limits his API to 100 connections per minute, if your go over it, you will see this error.
  • Grouping product cannot be sent if variant product is attached to it.
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