Multi-catalogs with Tree designer

Category trees allow you to design and manage product catalogs with multiple categories arranged in a hierarchical structure. In the initial view, it displays all category trees present in the system. Similarly to other grids in Ergonode, users can sort values by column headers. In order to edit a category, click on the pen icon corresponding to the desired category.

Creating a tree

To create a category tree, navigate to the Side Menu, and select Product Design and Category Trees. Next click on the New Tree button in the top right corner, which will bring up the modal window with a single option to fill – the System name, which will be the unique name of the category tree.

Translations tab

Like with many other segments in Ergonode, the Category Tree portion comes with its own Translations tab that works just like in the previously discussed elements.

Tree Designer Tab

The Tree designer is a visual tool that allows you to easily design a category hierarchy within a single catalog by utilizing the drag and drop system.

Simply drag the categories from the side menu and drop them into the workspace. The system allows you to design the structure of the branches with a depth of 10 levels. It is possible to move both single categories as well as whole groups between levels.

If you require a new category that has not been previously created (and therefore does not figure in the side menu), you can add it by clicking on the + icon in the bottom right corner of the side menu. This will bring up the same modal window allowing you the possibility of creating a new entry.

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