Configuring CSV file export

Comma-separated values (.csv) files are a great way to migrate data between systems. At Ergonode you'll be able to create a .csv file at ease and export them either manually or automatically - let's learn how!

You have two options for exporting data from your Ergonode. The first is to export all your files and the second is to only export changes from the previous export.

To create a .csv file with your data, go to 'Channels' from the 'Data exchange' menu, press '+ New channel' button. You will see options as below.

You can export files from as many language channels as you want. You can choose the type of export mentioned earlier. The options are full and incremental, where full is the export of all items in your Ergonode, and incremental is the completion of the previous export with all the changes and new items.

By editing the channel you created and then by pressing 'Export now' you will create the export file. You can preview this file with the eye icon, and then download it.

A .zip file will appear on your hard disk, in which you will see all the items exported. They should be divided, and placed in separate folders, according to their nature and use. From this level, you can choose which items you want to import to the other system. Will they be attributes, templates, or maybe categories.

Back in editing your channel you can also use tab 'Scheduler' to design the schedule of your exports. This will allow you to create a kind of database.

You can decide what day and time the export will be performed. Ergonode also gives you the option to determine the regular time intervals determining how often process would be executed. This may be from an hour to even several days.