Attribute - the core of PIM

The idea of attribute management is at the core of efficient product catalog enrichment and distribution. On the following pages, we will show you our thinking behind the role of attributes in our Ergonode PIM system.

What is an attribute?

Photos, videos, technical data, file numbers, price and shipping information, or product descriptions in the right context become key tools to help customers make purchasing decisions on the Internet. They allow for describing and mapping product data in the digital world.

This set of tools is called product information, it is a comprehensive collection of all information describing the product.

An attribute is a single tool that allows you to describe a digital product in a specific way.

The illustration below shows some specific attributes designed for an assortment of lightbulbs:

  • image (to upload photos e.g. JPG, PNG)

  • unit (to describe height, diameter, and luminosity)

  • select (for selecting color variants of a lightbulb)

Different types of attributes in Ergonode

We have 12 attribute types in Ergonode:

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