Attribute privileges

This feature can only be used with Pro license.

Attribute privileges, think about it as an exclusive club you only can get into by being on the list. We implemented that idea into our PIM system. Now you can limit who and what can see or do in your system. Maybe you want your SEO team to only have access to specific attributes, or someone from marketing to be able to change product descriptions, but not be able to mess with what SEO is already done. Now it’s all possible thanks to ACL.

So how does it work? The first thing you need to know is that from now on, all attributes must be assigned to an attribute group. One attribute can be assigned to one attribute group only. So if you already have your PIM set up and started differently, we will move all those orphan and doubly assigned attributes to a group called Default.

Second thing is that you need to set up User roles and add users to them. It’s easier to set up right to a role than to every user one by one.

Then, when your attribute groups and user roles are set up and ready, go to System > User roles > Attribute privileges.

Here, you can assign edit and / or read rights to the attributes group. That means that if you choose to do so, you may give some users right to edit or fulfill some attributes and some can be set up as read-only. Of course, you may choose for some roles to not be able to do both. In this case, simply uncheck both boxes. Users with those roles will see something like this when they open product Catalog.

There's also "Privileges to all attribute groups" option. If you tick that, that user role will get instant read and write permission to all attributes, even those created in the future. If this stays off (default) you will need to set up permissions for all newly created attribute groups manually.

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