Gallery view
In order to increase the comfort of using our software, the user has the possibility to change the display settings for products to the gallery view. There are two views that allow the user to perform various actions form the product catalog level.


In order to go to the list view, you need to go to the Products section of the Side Menu, select Catalog and choose the icon shown below:
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You may read some more about actions you can perform from the list view by following the link below:
In order to switch to the gallery view, simply choose the second option next to the list view.
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The Gallery view is designed to optimize navigation among the products describe by SKUs and images. After double clicking on one of the products you will be redirected to the edition mode.
The gallery view may be customized to your current needs. All you need to do in order to change the settings is click the cog symbol next to the list and gallery view icons, which will bring up a popup window with the features you can adjust. These include, amongst others, the number of columns displayed or the image scaling.
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