Grouping products

A grouping product is one of the three product types that Ergonode provides: Simple product, Product with variants, Grouping product. Let's talk about the last one.

What is the function of grouping product?

A grouping product gathers simple products into a set that has one or more common features. For example, if you run a store with leather accessories, you may want to create a set of a few products, such as a wallet, suitcase and a belt, and make it visible under one listing in your store search and manage it with a certain set of attributes and categories.

In order to create a grouping product, follow the same initial steps as before, but when selecting a product type choose Grouping product.

As before, differences will appear after you have created the product and moved to edit.

A “Group” tab will become available. This is where you can select simple products to add to your group.

You can add, edit and remove products in the set that you are editing. If you decide to make changes to the set, you can simply attach or detach products at will from this view.

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