What attribute can be used to bind variants?

A select type attribute.

Is it possible to mass change attribute values in products if they have different product templates attached?

You can use bulk actions. But only those that are the same in all selected products.

What is maximum file size for CSV import?

250 MB

What do I need to remember when importing single attributes.csv file?

The file needs to be in UTF-8 and if you're importing select or multi select type attributes you need to also include options.csv file in a zip.

Is it possible to specify the path to pdf files (as file attribute) when importing CSV?

No. First, you need to create multimedia through multimedia.csv file, and then bind it with file attribute through the path to this multimedia.

What is Headers used for in import configuration over UI?

It is used to add custom headers to HTTP request that performs an import at runtime. For now, this is only used for custom authentication under multimedia.

Can more than one person work at the same time on the same data in the system (ex: product attributes)? If so, how the system will decide whose work to keep.

Yes, they can. The system will keep the work of the last person who hit the save button.

Can we set a request to export via API atributes only (without need to export whole product) e.g. when only few atributes have been changed?

Basically, yes. GraphQL API allows you to retrieve data only of changed resources without details of what actually changed - but you can retrieve only interesting data e.g. only attribute values (via end cursor).

Is there really no way to create attribute groups or templates via the GrapQL API?

Not at this point, no.

Is there no "boolean" or "switch" field available? We have many (most?!) attributes that are basically yes/no fields.

We do not support boolean attributes. You can use select attributes - these can have keys as set by the user so it can be 0/1, true/false, yes/no, 1/no and those can have translations.

Is there a way to add multiple images in one attribute, or do we need to create a single attribute for every possible file we would probably need to have?

You can use Gallery attribute.

Is there a photo limit for one product?

In Ergo, there is no limit for the number of images attached to one product in the gallery type attribute.

Does Ergonode PIM support import / export files to SFTP server?

Not at this point, no.

How often Ergonode do backup?

Once in 24h at night, and every time before a new update to the system is deployed.

We have an issue with login to Ergonode from our company network, but it works ok form mobile internet, what can be wrong?

This probably is a network issue, please make sure that from your company network you have access to those URLs:

https://<your_instance_name>.ergonode.cloud/ https://api-<your_instance_name>.ergonode.cloud/ https://apps-api-<your_instance_name>.ergonode.cloud/

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