Simple products

Ergonode features three types of products to accommodate the needs of both owners of e-commerce businesses, as well as those of their customers. These types are: Simple Products, Grouping Products and Products with Variants. Let’s go over each of them in more detail.

Simple Product

This is the most basic type of product that has no relations or variants (until you assign such). This product can be a standalone item or part of a product with variants or a grouping product. The key idea behind this type of product is to keep it as simple as possible.

How to create a Simple Product?

In order to create a Simple Product, navigate to the Products tab of the Side Menu and select Catalog.

This will bring up a list of existing products in your catalog (or a blank space if this is the first product you’re about to create). Click on the “New Product” button and a new pop-up window will appear with product type to choose.

Go for Simple product.

The first one is SKU, which should contain the SKU of your product. This can also be created automatically if you have the automatic SKU generation enabled in Settings.

Next is the field for Product Template – this is where you’ll pick the template your product will be based on. Finally, select a category (or several) to which your product will belong.

Once you have made your choices, you can either click “Create” which will add the product to the list, or you can click on “Create & Edit”, which will take you to the edition mode of the newly created product.

You will see multiple tabs where you can add extra information about this product: Options, Template, History, Comments and Collections.

Options – basic info about the product. You will notice that some of the fields cannot be changed, so be careful while filling those in.

Template – this is the template that your product is based on. This is where you can fill in the attributes specified by the template.

History – this is where all the changes made to the product are listed.

Comments – this is where you can read and add any comments made about this product.

Collections – here you can see any collections this product is a part of.

Now that you know how to create a simple product, we can move on to creating products with variants.

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