Three types of products

Every ecommerce owner knows that as different their buyers are they need different sets of products. At Ergonode we make that happen by presenting three types of products: Simple Product, Grouping Product, Product with Variants. Let's go through all of them, one by one.

Simple Product

As the title says so, it's the type of product that doesn't have any relations or variants until you assign it to one. This product can be a standalone product or a part of product with variants or grouping product. But the key idea behind it is to keep it as simple as possible.

How to create a Simple Product?

Log in into your Ergonode account, and go to Products tab:

Next, click on Catalog and you'll be shown a blank space where the list of your future products would be. Click on the button at the right top that says "+ New Product" and you'll see a pop-up with a form to fill in.

Let's start with product type - you can choose one of the three mentioned here, in this case we go with the Simple product.

  • SKU - fill in the SKU of your product,

  • Product template - here you'll pick what template you'd like to use while filling in the data about your product. You can create a template that describes your product specific attributes. More about product templates you can read here.

  • Category - choose a category in which your product exists.

Once you're ready with your choices, you can either click on "Create" which will add the product to the list, or you can click "Create & Edit" and go straight to editing:

You'll see multiple tabs where you can add extra info about this certain product: Options, Template, History, Comments and Collections.

Options - basic info about the product. You'll notice that some of the fields cannot be changed, so be careful while filling those in!

Template - you'll see the template that you've created for this product. Here you can fill in the attributes that are specified by this template.

History - you'll see all the changes that anyone in the system has done to this product.

Comments - you can view and add comments to this specific product.

Collections - you'll see all the collections that this product is the part of.

Perfect, now you know how to set up your first Simple Product. Wanna know more about the remaining types of products? Here's info how to create a Product with Variants, and here you can find info about Grouping Product.