Create the categories

A category groups products with shared characteristics. Products can be assigned to one or many categories, however Ergonode allows to keep products with no category either.

Categories page allows users to manage categories on the large scale. Similarly to the attribute grid, users can to sort values by column headers but also verify how many elements each category consists of. In order to edit a category click a pen icon on “edit” column.

Creating categories

In order to create a category go to: 1. side menu 2. Product design -> Categories 3. click “+ new category” (top right) 4. new category form appears as the modal-window, it consist one input to fill "System name"

Translations tab

Creating categories in Options tab provide category information to the system. In the Translation tab, a user enters a translated category name as it will be shown in the system. Category with no translation will be shown with a value provided in Options tab, however it is highly recommended to translate categories especially for multilingual companies.

Translations – this is a drop down menu with languages to translate an attribute. Selected languages appear in separate language boxes in order to translate values side by side. Category name – this name is used in the system in order to manage categories by users.