Create the categories

A category groups products with shared characteristics. Products can be assigned to one or more categories, however, Ergonode allows you to keep products without assigned categories as well.

The Categories page allows users to manage categories on a large scale. Similarly to the attribute grid, users can sort values by column headers, but also verify how many elements each category consists of. In order to edit a category, click the pen icon corresponding to the desired category.

Creating categories

To create a category, navigate to the Side Menu, select Product Design, and then Categories. Click on the “New Category” button in the top right corner. This will bring up a modal window with a System name box to input for the new category.

Translations tab

In the translations tab, users enter translated names of categories – that will be their display name for the appropriate language. Categories without a translated name will have the value provided in the Options tab set as their default display name, however, it is strongly recommended to translate categories, especially for multilingual companies.

This can be done via the Translations drop-down menu containing languages previously selected for the language tree from within the System and Settings area in the Side Menu. Translation options will be displayed side by side for each language selected from the drop-down.

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