Attribute variables

It may happen that you need to change only a single value in your description or create a name based on other attributes' values. Ergonode gives you this ability with attributes variables which allows users to insert a variable into attribute value.


Variables can be used for text area type of attribute. This function allows you to easily insert a variable into an attribute value. You can add it from different spaces in Ergonode like product template, catalog grid view, bulk actions, import, and export.

How does it work?

No matter if you are editing the description directly from the product template or from the grid view – just simply type hash (#), and you will see a list of attributes available to add as a variable.

E.g. the ability to change part of the text in a short product description using values from 2 different attributes: short product description = “This product created by #brand will be perfect for #season …. “

To find the attribute scroll or type the first letters of the attribute code to narrow down the list.

Of course, you can use more than one variable in your description – it depends on your needs.

To preview the attribute value using the eye icon in the top right corner.

For more technical information visit our UserManual

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