Explore our dashboard & navigation

Ergonode is designed by people and for people. So that's why we focus our skills to create very usable and ergonomic software.

First view after installation

When you look at our dashboard on first view after installation you will see few steps how to start using Ergonode.

Dashboard with products

When your products catalog has got some data then your dashboard will show you lanes with some specific information of data progress:

  • total number of products

  • number of products by specific types

  • translation completness

  • progress of workflow (volume of products with specific statuse)

Global navigation

We decide to design main navigation structure based on the major Product Information Management flow including: Source Management, Product Data Design, Catalog Management and Distribution.

Menu version: Left - rolled up, Right - extended

Main menu taxonomy is:

  1. Products 1.1 Catalog 1.2 Segments 1.3 Collections

  2. Product Design 2.1 Attributes 2.2 Attribute groups 2.3 Product templates 2.4 Categories 2.5 Category trees

  3. Data exchange 3.1 Imports 3.2 Channels

  4. Resources 4.1 Media

  5. Workflow 5.1 Product statuses 5.2 Status transitions

  6. System 6.1 Users 6.2 User roles 6.3 Activity logs 6.4 Settings

Additional navigation

Horizontal navigation helps user take information about location and his user profile.

When you click on notifications icon you will see which products have changed statuses in specific workflow.