Batch Actions - Delete products in the Product Catalog

You may find yourself the need to delete more than a few products at a time. Thanks to the bulk actions functionality, you can easily do just that.

To delete multiple products at once navigate to the Side Menu, select Products, and then Catalog.

This will bring up a list of all the products in your catalog. Select the products you wish to delete by ticking the boxes next to them (you can search for products in this view by using the search box above each column or filter for the desired products using the Filters button above the table, more on this later).

Once you have the desired products selected click on the Actions button above the table and to the left of the Filters button. This will display three options – Delete products is the third one and the one you’re looking for here. When you click on Delete products, a popup window will be displayed asking for confirmation of the deletion.

Similarly to the bulk edition of products, bulk deletion may take some time, depending on the number of products slated to be deleted, but you can continue your work while the process is completed in the background.

Keep in mind that a product can only be deleted if it has no relations with any other objects in the system, such as attributes, collections, exports, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to manage access to product deletion to certain user roles. This can be done from the User roles section of the System menu.

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