Bulk Actions - Delete option in Product Catalog

Often you may find yourself in need to delete more than a few products in your product catalog. With our newly released bulk actions you'll be able to do just that. How to start then?

When you click on a tab "Products >> Catalog" you'll see a list of products available in your product catalog.

From the list pick the products that you'd like to delete. You can search through them using the search box located above each column. You can also use different filters to filter out the desired products - more on how to use advanced filters you'll find here. Once you'll find the products tick the checkbox on the left - only then the green button above will become active. Click on it, and you'll see two options:

  • Delete products

  • Edit products

In this case, you're going to click the delete option. Before you perform that action you'll see a pop-up with a question that wants you to confirm the delete process.

You can either confirm the delete, or cancel the action.

After you confirm the action, you'll see a notification that says that the delete option is being performed in the background and that will let you know once it's done.

It is only possible to delete a product in the system when it doesn't have any relations with other objects (such as attributes, segments, exports, categories, collections, product templates). If a given product has some relations, you need to make sure that you remove those relations first. You'll see a notification that says that the delete option can't be performed correctly as the product has got some relations.

It's possible to manage the access to delete products for a certain user - you can do it by changing the privileges in the user roles.