Autogenerate content with AI

Here at Ergonode, we strive to use all that cutting edge technology, that's why we implemented AI to help you with your work. This feature can and will help you to reduce the amount of work and time that is needed to create descriptions for a product.

Go to the side menu and click on Products > Catalog.

Then click on the edit icon (a pen), to go to the product page. Hover the mouse over a text or text area attribute and you will see three dots menu, click on it. Click on Auto-generate content option.

Now select (check) all those attributes you wish to use for an AI to generate a description from. The more you choose the longer and more accurate the description will be.

You can click anywhere on a section to select or unselect all attributes from that section.

When you are done click Generate content (right bottom corner), or on X to close down this feature.

Wait for a couple of seconds and a draft of the description will appear in the field of your choice, now you can either edit it or leave it as it is.

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