Shopware 6.3 channel

Ergonode gives you the option to create an export channel for Shopware 6.3 Follow the same initial steps for creating a new channel, then, from the Channel type select Shopware 6.3 You will then be given a number of options to fill in from an expanded window.

As shown in the screenshot above, apart from the standard naming of the export profile, you will need to provide the API host address, and Access key ID, as well as select the languages and specify which of them is the default language.

The languages available are the ones currently active in the system. More on setting up languages here.

This export profile also gives you the option to only export a particular segment. More on setting up segments here.

The next part of the expanded menu deals with specifying elements required in Shopware.

As described in the screenshot above, the required attributes will be of the types TEXT (Attribute Product Name), NUMERIC (Attribute Product Active, Attribute Product Stock, and Attribute Product Tax), and Price (Attribute Product Price Gross and Attribute Product Price Net).

You can also specify a number of optional attribues for export to Shopware 6.3 These will either be of the GALLERY type (Attribute Product Gallery), or TEXT_AREA (for the remaining attributes).

You can also export a Category tree if you have one set up. Simply select it from the dropdown under the Category tree.

The last part of the expanded menu allows you to specify any additional attributes you wish to export, as well as select the type of export you will be conducting.

This gives you two options. List of Product Collections is the default export for products and attributes, while List of Product Relation Attributes is geared towards various relations between products based on attributes.

Once you have specified all necessary options, click CREATE and the channel will be saved in the system. Keep in mind, that this channel type is dedicated to Shopware 6.3 and is conducted over API, no files, such as CSV documents are used.

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