Products with variants

From here you may already know how to create a simple product, we can move on to more complex tasks

If your product has multiple versions, such as colors, materials, and sizes, you will require a product with variants. To create one, you need to follow the same initial steps as with creating a simple product, but when you see the Create product popup window, choose “Product with variants” under the “Product type” drop-down.

The remainder of the options remains the same, further differences appear when editing the product we just created. Let’s focus on that single diverging option – adding variants.

The “Variants” tab in the edit mode of the product has the option to “Add binding attributes”. These are attributes that are common for some products and link them together into products with variants.

You can read more about attributes here.

You can choose as many of these attributes as you wish from the ones you created, if they match the products you want to describe.

After you choose the attributes, a button labelled “Add products will be displayed. When you click it, you will see all the products in your catalog filtered by the attribute or attributes chosen.

Add those you want simply by clicking on the Attached switch.

Keep in mind that if you want to add, for example, a t-shirt in 5 different colors, you will need to create 5 different simple products. Then, after you select the appropriate attributes, you will need to add those simple products. They will, in the end, constitute your product with variants.

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