Creating products with variants

From here you may already know how to create a simple product, now there comes the time for more complicated solutions existing in Ergonode.

If your product has multiple versions, such as colors, materials, sizes - then you need to create a product with variants. You do it by following the same initial steps as while creating the simple product. However, when you see a pop-up with a form to fill in you should choose "Product with variants" option.

After the product is created we can edit it by choosing different options, changing the template, adding comments, linking to the collection or adding variants - and this is where our focus goes now.

The tab "Variants" in edit mode of the product shows you the option to "Add binding attributes". These are the attributes that are common for some products and link them together into the product with variants.

About attributes you may read more here.

You can choose as many attributes as you wish, from all you have created, as long as they match the products you want to describe.

After you choose the attributes you will see the button "Add products" on your screen. You will see all the products in your catalog filtered by the attribute you have chosen.

If you want to add to your list e.g. a T-shirt in 5 different colors, you need to create 5 separate simple products. Then, after you choose the attributes, you have to add those simple products and they, in the end, will create your product with variants.