Batch Actions - Edit categories in the Product Catalog

You may find yourself the need to bulk edit categories. Tankfully, you can easily do just that.

Navigate to the Side Menu, select Products, and then Catalog.

This will bring up a list of all the products in your catalog. Select the products you wish to edit categories to by ticking the boxes next to them (you can search for products in this view by using the search box above each column or filter for the desired products using the Filters button above the table, more on this later).

Once you have the desired products selected click on the Actions button above the table and to the left of the Filters button. This will display three options – Choose Edit categories.

Here you have an options to eather add, change or remove categories from selected products.

  • Add to categories

Use this function to add the selected products to new categories. You may use Category tree in the filter section to only display categories that are in this particular category tree. Select all from the list - this will select all categories not only those that are currently displaed. View selected ones, or select them by hand, one by one. P.S. Click Show all to display all available categories.

Then press Add to categories button to confirm your choice or Cancel to abort.

  • Change categories

The mechanic of this action works the same as the last one, but this time in the end selected products will end up with only those categories assigned to them, that were selected here. Think about it as of overwrite for categories.

  • Remove from categories

Same as previous ones but this time you will remove categories form products.

Please keep in mind that you need to explicitly select categories you would like to remove form the product. Currently assigned categories will not be "checked” in this window. You need to know in what categories those products are and which one you would like to remove from them by checking it.

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