Product segmentation

Segments are a feature of the system that allows you to easily create a list of products that meet specific conditions. Some examples:

  • Attribute exists,

  • Product completeness,

  • Product belongs to a category,

  • Product has status

Segments are dynamic, this means that any changes in product collection will be taken into consideration while evaluating segment conditions. That means that if you change anything in product collection, segments will be re-evaluated and products available in them may change automatically.

A list created this way can be used, for example, to create a new collection or be used with an external module to export a file, in the .csv format, containing certain products.

In order to navigate to the list of segments, click on Products in the Side Menu and select Segments.

As you can see above, after opening the default segment view the number of products meeting the conditions specified in each segment is easily discernable. These conditions are hardcoded within Ergonode and cannot be edited by users; however, they can be freely combined to create new segments.

Creating new segments

In order to create a new segment simply click the “New Segment” button in the top right corner while in segment view. This will bring up a popup window that will allow you to assign a unique system name to the new segment. As with most newly created things in Ergonode, you are then given a choice of either “Create”, which will create the new segment and close the window, or “Create & Edit”, which will create the new segment and move you to edit mode.

While in edit mode you will see three tabs. The most important one is “Conditions”.

The left side features a list of conditions that can be used in the new segment. Moving these to the field to the right will add them to the segment and allow you to freely modify them depending on your requirements. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click “Save Changes”. The new segment is now ready for use.

Now just simply save the changes and your segment is ready for further use.

Keep in mind, that while you can create as many segments as you like, too great a number may impact system performance, especially for things like creating products with variants.

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