Product segmentation

Segments is a feature of the system that allows you to easily create a list of products that meet specific conditions. Among these conditions, we can distinguish:

  • attribute exists,

  • product completeness,

  • product belongs to category,

  • product has status, etc.

The list created in this way can be used, for example, to create a new collection or with using an external module to export a file containing given products in the .csv format.

In order to navigate to the list of segments choose 'Segments' from the 'Products' menu.

As you can see above, after switching to the default segment view, we can easily find out how many products meet the conditions specified in a given segment. These conditions are hardcoded on our system and the user cannot edit them. However, they can be freely combined to create subsequent segments.

Creating new segments

In order to create a new segment select the button in the top right corner of your screen.

In the window that will be displayed, you can choose the name of the new segment. If, after giving the name, you want to do further editing, click "create & edit".

While in edit mode, you may see 3 tabs. The most important one is 'Designer'.

Here, just move the conditions you would like to include in the segment to the right side of the screen. You can freely modify the conditions, and their number depends solely on you and your current requirements.

Now just simply save the changes and your segment is ready for further use.

You have a possibility of creating as many segments as you need, but keep in mind that too great an amount may affect the general performance speed of the whole system, e.g. during creating products with variants.