First of all - thank you! It's awesome that you took the time, tested the application and found something that maybe doesn't look good or is not working well. We really appreciate it.

Okay, but how do go from finding a bug to fixing it? It's easy. You can do it in multiple ways:

  1. Join our community on Slack - you can find us under this link <link>. Just click, write your email address and we'll add you to the workspace. You'll see multiple channels that you can add yourself to, but the one that you're interested in this case is #issues-bugs. Just type in or send a screenshot or screencast of what's happening, and shout out any person from Ergonode. We're marked by [core team] in our nicknames, so you can find us this way.
  2. Report a bug in our GitHub ( or Please, be specific as possible, eg. describe what system you're using, when this bug happened, and how to recreate it. Any screencasts or screenshots would be appreciated!
  3. Just write us an email - yes, we also accept a good, old-fashioned emails :) You can reach us through, and our Support Team will reach back to you if they have any more questions!

Our team is working really hard to deliver high quality application, and having an additional set of testers which is composed out of the community - is the best thing that an open source company can think of. We appreciate your willingness to report bugs and will let you know once it's fixed!