Welcome, it's great to have you here. As you know we live in the digital transformation era where every retailer, distributor or manufacturer have the same problems: to discover the best way of effective products catalog management.

That's why we've create Ergonode platform, because in case of the digital sales channels, products management means the need to create and manage product information (i.e. all descriptions, attributes, files, photos and features that represent the actual products on the screen).

Ergonode is an environment for people who work hard with product data – who need to easily receive, manage, enrich and distribute product information in omnichannel reality. For retail and B2B.

Behind the scenes

Ergonode is made by an independent digital commerce agency - Strix. During 10-year experience in implementing e-commerce systems we saw how the requirements and market needs in this area were changing. Therefore, at Strix we decided to make the contribution in the development of the whole industry.

Our mission is to make management of thousands of products as simple and convinient as possible. So we continually raise the bar of user experience focusing on design, efficiency & ergonomy.

The version of Ergonode you are looking at right now would not have been made possible without generous contributions from the open source community.

In this documentation you can find all basic steps how to organise your team to proper manage, collect and enrich product data

If you have got any questions or suggests feel free to write: team@ergonode.com

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