Reflect your organization workflow in Ergonode system. Manage product statuses & transitions, create user roles and manage permissions. All of that under one Workflow tab.

Once you land on product statuses card you'll see the list of all the statuses that you've created, and which one is the initial status and which ones are not. In order to create New Status, just click on the button at the top right corner.

You'll see a pop-up with a form to fill in: System name and a select with a badge color. If you check a checkbox with "Default status of new products" then this status will appear with every new product. In other words, this status will be the starting status. You can always manage that in the options by clicking the pencil icon on the list next to desired status.

Okay, you've created multiple statuses, but what happens next? You need to set the transitions for those statuses.

By clicking on Status transitions, you'll see the list of all the transitions that have been created. If you want to add a new transition to a new status, just click
"+ New Transition" in the top right corner.

You'll see a pop-up with few things to fill in: you choose the starting status, and then you pick the status that its has to change. Once it changes you can send a notification to a user with a specific role.

While editing your existing transitions, you may set some requirements that need to be fulfilled. It works in the same way as in 'Segments' and there are the same default rules to choose from.