What's a product without a carefully chosen set of images that present the best out of it? And what if you need to manage those images and keep track of what have been changed and when? And, what if you have thousands of them..?

Just use our Resources tab and go to Media, you'll see all the images that you or your team members have uploaded into the application.

This smart table allows you to search through your images either by file name, extension (23 type of files available, and more to come!), size, date or relations. Let's focus on the last one - relations. It shows how many times a given image is used in different products. It's especially crucial when you want to update the media with new images or replace an image with a new one - it may affect thousands of products that happen to use the same image. You pick a specific image, click on the edit icon on the right and go to the options of that image.

When you go to Relations, you'll see SKU's listed that use the above image. That way you'll see which product the change of that image will affect.

Ok, so how can I add new images? You just click on "Upload files" on the top right corner, you can upload multiple files at once and simultaneously add them to the application.

They'll appear at the very end of the list of the existing media. And that's it!

Make sure that the name of the uploaded photo cannot be longer than 128 characters!