Create as many users as you need to manage your product team. In order to view the list of the accounts created in Ergonode click on the System tam and go to Users:

The interesting thing in the list is that you can see from the very first glance the language of this user and if she/he is active. So you've got all the basic information of how big your team is and if they're active users. If you want to create a new user, just click the button on the top right corner "+New User". You'll see a pop-up with multiple inputs to fill.

All of those inputs are required as there's a basic information for that user in order to sign in. You also need to set up here the language for that user and role that they'll have.

Note: Only Admins can change passwords of other users!

User Roles

Ok, so you've created new user, what if there's no role in the system that I need? No worries, you can create a role for your specific requirements. Just go to the tab 'User Roles" and click "+New Role". Again, you'll see a pop-up with only two fields to fill in:

Once you click "Create & Edit" it transfers you to the settings of that role, where you can set the privileges to that role. You can decide what type of access that particular role can have to the parts of the application:

And there you have it, you can go ahead and add that role to the user that you've created!