Does your team consist of specialists who speak different languages? Or maybe you are planning foreign expansion and enlarging your team? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Ergonode will support you.

Our system is designed to facilitate collaboration inside multilingual teams. Let's start with the fact that each user can choose his own interface language. He does not have to adapt to the language of the entire organization. You can read more about user settings here.

In addition, for each functionality, you have the option of translating individual elements without having to create endless versions, each in a different language. For example, in the case of product statuses, you can easily create multiple translations for specific languages. That way, each of your employees will understand the meaning of the status without asking anyone else for translation.

This option of translating is possible for every single functionality. You may translate attributes, products, as well as every other thing you wish within your Ergonode.

Thanks to such opportunities, communication problems never arise in your team.