Thanks to some features built into the system, you are allowed to easily manage your organization workflow. Not only the process is optimized, but also the time needed to get desired effects.

An example of an optimization mechanism is the statuses functionality. Statuses allow you to easily track and manage the current status of your products.

You may create new statuses that are later assigned to particular products. Statuses might be reflection of the ones existing within your company or they can make a completely new workflow. You can read more about workflow here.

If you expect your team to work in multiple languages, we also have a solution for you. You can read more here.

Remember, however, that our product is still being developed, so already in Q1 of 2021 we are planning to introduce functionalities that will make the work of the team even easier. These will be tasks for the entire team or individual members that will allow you to assign specific statuses to specific users. To keep track of our development process, check out our Product Roadmap.